The Competition

1st Prize £100

2nd Prize £50

To register for this challenge as a member is really simple! It’s just £10!

At the end of the challenge we will donate £1 for every 1lbs of body fat you lose….

But thats not all!

We aim to make this super fun for everyone to start 2019 with a bang and help you push on to even greater RESULTS!

Sooooo the completion will not solely be based on fat loss. Its a points system and there are a number of ways you can collect points!

  • Attendance – 1 point for every days attendance
  • Fat loss – 1 point for every 1lb of fat lost and muscle gained
  • Recommend A Friend – 5 points for every friend you recommend onto the 6 week challenge or 2 week trial
  • Write a review on Facebook – 5 points
  • Write a review on Google – 5 points
  • Bonus Points – (See Video)

So for your £10 you will receive….

  • a specially designed nutritional plan
  • extra coaching videos..
  • Advanced Fat Loss seminar
  • Option to join our Vegan Jan challenge!
  • Separate dedicated private coaching group


Our aim is that the whole £10 or more is donated to Hula and the incentive of £1 for 1lbs helps you do even better!

We see this positive start to the new year and a win win win, we give you extra support, together we help raise money for hula and by recommending a friend & writing a couple of reviews we can help more people towards mission 2020!


We thank you for your support and trust in helping us help you with your goals 🙂

You Rock! xxx

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