Calling all Milton Keynes and surrounding Areas! We are offering our two week program for 29.99 as part of the ZPC!

We often gain a substantial amount of weight during the Holidays and this program was designed specifically to NOT LET THAT HAPPEN TO YOU. All while letting you enjoy all the delicious meals and parties coming up.

✅ Bonus: if you complete the challenge without gaining weight you will receive a special holiday gift  from us to YOU!

Between the holiday parties, work place snacks, alcohol, and all of the extra sugars and sweets we can stand to gain 8 to 13 pounds over the next few weeks.

And that’s why we have decided to create a new type of fitness program just for the month of December that will not only help you keep the extra weight gain at bay, but also help you lose a few pounds EVEN WHILE ENJOYING ALL TYPES OF HOLIDAYS MEALS AND SNACKS.

Introducing the Fit Body Boot Camp Zero Pound Challenge!

A 2-week workout and lifestyle program that will take you through the month of December without a single pound gained… hence the name, zero pound challenge.


14 Day Trial Offer