How long have you been at Fit Body Milton Keynes?

I think 4 years on this tour of duty.  I was a member once before for about 18 months and I was actually at the very first ever MK FBBC as the guest of Sally Guest.  I actually thought it was a brilliant idea but didn’t sign up straight away.


What are your long term goals?
Without revealing my age (?!) I want the next 20 years of my life to be my healthiest ever so that I can enjoy another 20 after that (and more!)


What are your short term goals?
To lose another stone in body fat and bring my PBF down to a reasonable number – certainly under 30% and I’ve not been there for as long as I can remember.


What have been your biggest wins at Fit Body Milton Keynes?
I really enjoyed the Vetox programme I did a few years ago, and more recently have had a great deal of success with Project X – but this is definitely a programme that keeps on giving as I’m still really good friends with the 9 other ladies who did Project X and we have formed a very close bond which is a fantastic support network.  We regularly support each other through the tough patches (not just exercise tough patches but life in general) but also quite commonly give a ‘kick up the butt’ where needed!  😊


What are some of your current obstacles and how are you over coming them?
I find it so easy to go back to old habits of eating junk food (take-aways or meals out) using various different ‘excuses’ – like “I don’t have time to cook as I’m working crazy long hours”.  Deep down I know this is just noise – and with the correct planning I can still eat healthily even with the crazy long hours.  I get frustrated about the fact that it seems soooo easy to switch from being ‘in the zone’ to being out of control!  I seem to have the exercise side of things nailed and will always fit in 4 BCs a week (or a combination of BC netball and gym) even when I give in to the ‘noise’ on the nutrition side!  I’ve found recently that just by constantly telling myself I AM IN THE ZONE it helps me to make the right choices and get closer to being permanently ‘in the zone’.  (Still a work in progress though!)


What does your daily nutrition look like?
An average day starts with a smoothie (spinach, protein powder, banana and almond milk) with a salad for lunch plus some form of protein (often homous and falafel) then -when I’m ‘in the zone’ – evening meal would be something like bean chilli or green thai curry with tofu.  Normally Monday and Tuesday nights are poached eggs on toast after my netball matches/training.  I’d rather not say what happens in the evenings when I’m not in the zone!! (let’s just say, domino’s and subway won’t go bust! 😊)


Can you share a workout tip?
My favourite mantra is ‘the body can achieve what the mind believes’ – I firmly believe in challenging myself with every workout.  If today I can do 1 full press-up and 10 on my knees, then tomorrow I aim to do 2 full press-ups and 9 on my knees etc.


Can you share a nutrition tip?
Have protein with every meal/snack.  (The mantra I think of here is ‘You can’t out-train a poor diet’!)


Can you share a mindset tip?
This is probably the hardest and still an area I struggle with.  As above, I’m currently affirming the positive ‘I AM in the zone’ even when , in reality, I’m teetering.  At least this is helping me to make more positive choices than negative ones.  I also take inspiration from others at Bootcamp. Michele Falconer is amazing / Katie Grayson / Jo Tyrell / Cat, Tasha, Sam, Gareth, Craig, Ally (how can anyone be that super chirpy and positive at 6am EVERY SINGLE DAY! 😊)  These are all real people who have had the same struggles and similar journey to me, and they’re doing brilliantly!


What do you love about Fit Body Milton Keynes?
The community spirit / the trainers / the varied session times / the varied workouts – I don’t have to THINK about or plan the workout, it’s all done for me and every day is different / the wonderful support from Neil and Helen personally.  I really appreciate all the work that Neil puts into the coaching site, however, I rarely have time to listen to the sessions (sorry Neil!)


What would you say to somebody thinking about joining the fit body family?

Just DO IT! 😊




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