How Fabiana lost 17lbs in 8 weeks!

Fabiana: I have never really got used to being the fat girl in the room. I have always missed my old self, but at some point along the way I think I lost hope… But I did not want to let this to define me – there are far worse things in life! – so I kept smiling. ?

I had tried to get back in control of my weight after my two pregnancies and I have failed miserably.

Dieting became very hard with the hectic life of motherhood and I felt I needed to starve myself in order to lose a few pounds. It was frustrating and exhausting.

I also started to hate the gym… I just did not want to go. And paying for the membership without actually going to the gym was making me feel even worse. Maybe I deserved to be fat?

But self-pity was not an option. I wanted to be a role model for my kids. However, as someone very wise once said (Albert Einstein?): You can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting different results.

So after the Easter break, I signed up for the 6 weeks program at MK Fit Body Bootcamp.

I won’t lie… It was pretty terrifying to drag myself there alone. I had no idea what I was doing but I gave my all and – oh dear – was it painful?!? But the sense of accomplishment was overwhelming.

And all the support from my fellow bootcampers and trainers just made me want to wake up every morning and conquer another session. I was happy.

As a bonus, my shape was nicer, I was sleeping better and, surprisingly, I could eat more and still lose weight! Do not get me wrong, as they say: eating clean is crucial, and I tried to absorb all nutrition advice I could get but I was no longer starving myself to get results.

The truth is, it is still early days for me but I got my hope back. And if I could tell exactly what changed inside me I would as I wish the same for everyone.

But I do not know exactly what it is. I just know that all the support in each Bootcamp session was a game changer. I am finally in a virtuous cycle. ?

Thank you MK Fit Body Bootcamp for this!

Fabiana – the future former fat girl in the room. ?

fabs pic


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