My daughter took me along to Fit Body Bootcamp after I had lost my mojo. I was trying to find something that fitted around a crazy work schedule.

After 6 weeks I was hooked the times of the session are great.
I had previously fallen into a trap many people do of exercising without changing my eating habits.

Then came a 6-week challenge this focused me and coached me on nutrition I dropped around 7lbs.

It was at this point I realised the eating regime and training regime were working.

The next massive change was signing up for the Ultimate Game Changer! My breakfast completely changed from toast and too many carbs to a very nutritious smoothie which keeps me going.

I was losing 1lb a day by changing something simple and training.

The challenge duration was the right amount of time to seriously change habits and mindset.

Another fundamental aspect of the success of Fit Body Bootcamp is the family feel and support you gain from fellow bootcampers/Trainers.

A group of us sharing recipes and support; daily you have team mates that inspire and motivate you…….nearly 15 months later I am 26lbs lighter my body fat is 9% lower and I am very close to achieving a 2 yr goal set with Neil in the beginning.

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I have lost inches around my waist and hips. I love how I look the compliments I get from friends and also having to find new clothes!

I have now inspired two friends who have joined Fbbc and are starting their journeys and maybe more to come.

Thank you to Neil & Helen the coaching team and my Bootcamp buddies who make getting fit and healthy FUN!


Neil here: If you would like to follow in Michelle’s footsteps then why not sign up now to our 6 week charity challenge starting soon!
Click the link for more info >>>

We hope to see you soon!
Neil & Helen Fbbc

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