*How to avoid weight gain over the Christmas period*


  1. Plan for your “Cheat days” When you know you have a meal/drinks with friends make sure you eat clean and drop your calories slightly the days leading up to and also after to balance out the overall intake of the week.


  1. “Move more” If you are currently doing 2-3 workouts per week why not increase it to 4-5? Doing more exercise will burn more calories and increase your metabolism. Even just a 10 min HIIT workout of your favourite FBBC Bootcamp exercises in the living room will do.


  1. “Avoid alcohol” The average alcoholic drink contains 300-500 calories. This can soon add up! Even though “Alcohol calories” are not storable as body fat it will increase your appetite, lower your willpower and reduce your body’s fat burning capacity for 24-36 hours.


  1. “Watch the treats” Chocolates, mince pies, biscuits, Christmas cake, Xmas latte’s from Starbucks can easily increase your overall calories! Think twice? Enjoy your favourites but don’t go overboard and don’t use the “start again in January mentally”


  1. “Don’t overeat” Often at festive meals we will overindulge to the point of feeling uncomfortably full! Try a little bit of everything but stop just before you are full.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas & happy new year!

Neil & Helen Fbbc

Neil Helen Fbbc

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