It’s holiday season and chances are you are either planning a holiday soon or perhaps just returning! So I thought I would send you a quick email of Fit Body Bootcamp’s top tips on how to get into beach body shape quickly!

So here goes…..

1. Fat loss happens at a much quicker rate when our bodies are running efficiently. So a mini detox right now would work a treat!

Cut out Alcohol, diet drinks, and caffeine (for 1-2 weeks)

Eat loads of green veggies and drink only water 2-3 litres minimum per day.

Limit meat consumption and aim to get protein from other sources.

This will improve energy, make you feel great and burn a lot more body fat!

2. Train 4-5 x per week using H.I.I.T which includes bodyweight resistance training and cardio for 30-40 mins.

3. Create a solid calorie deficit by multiplying your body weight in lbs by 10 i.e 12st = 168lbs x 10 = 1680 cals per day.

4. Make sure 40% of the calories come from protein by tracking in myfitnesspal. This will ensure your body burns fat and maintains or builds muscle which is vital for metabolism and to avoid any rebound.

5. Offset any hunger by drinking lots of water & 1-2 cups of black coffee (after week 2) this is an appetite suppressant.

Also having protein with each meal will keep hunger low as well as filling up with high volume low-calorie foods like green vegetables!

My favourite hunger blunting strategy is to drink a massive smoothie made with spinach, kale frozen berries and a scoop of vivo perform vanilla protein. I simply never feel hunger if I do this each day!

6. Make sure you are pushing yourself in your workouts and changing it up to avoid a plateau.

A great way to do this would be to join us at Fbbc on our “Shape Up For Summer Programme”

which includes unlimited personal trainer-led sessions.

a fat loss nutrition plan and body diagnostic check for optimum results! all for just £69!

here is the link if you wanna sign up 🙂

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Happy holidays!

Neil “Not getting a holiday this year” Major 😉

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