1.Lower Carbs & Drink more water this will help flush out toxins and reduce water retention. This will kick start weight loss, make you feel like you are making progress and give you back control over your nutrition.
Make sure you keep protein and veggies high to protect lean muscle and fill your body up with healthy micronutrients.
2.Do a hybrid of HIIT training… Metabolic resistance training MRT. We all know HIIT is better for fat loss than traditional cardio but, MRT is EVEN better!

Not only will it burn more fat and increase your metabolism but it will improve your muscle tone and therefore, your resting metabolism for the long term! Meaning you will keep all the results you work hard for and not slip back into weight gain.
This is what Fit Body Bootcamp specializes in just turn up we’ve got you!

3.Get excited! I mean really get EXCITED! Goal setting is all done completely wrong in my opinion. Too much focus is put on numbers like weight, BF % dress sizes and so on.
What really makes a difference is imagining your new life in your new body! Imagine what you look like, imagine what clothes you can wear, what awesome compliments you receive, the looks and praise you get… Imagine how much fitter you feel!

GET REALLY EXCITED about what is to come….. this will ensure you take action, get the ball rolling and stay on course long enough to make this new effective routine a habit.
Meaning those feelings are just a matter of a few weeks or months away!

4.Don’t go it alone. Find a supportive group, supportive trainer or just tell everyone who will listen what you are doing!
We all need support and encouragement from time to time. This is one of the things Fit Body Bootcamp is famous for, not only do you have the training/Coaching team but you have the FitBody Family who give nonstop encouragement, love and support… we struggle to keep up with all the positive posts in our group.

5.Enjoy the journey and embrace it as a lifestyle! This new you is not a quick fix, it’s not something you are going to do for a few weeks and then stop.

Our focus here is on enjoying each and every day, make it fun so you want to come, and then miss it when you don’t!
If you aren’t already a member of the Fit Body Bootcamp Family then start by clicking this link and signing up to our New 6 Week Programme!

Happy New Year, Neil Major (Owner/Manager Fbbc)

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