Since 2001 I’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of people transform their bodies. Sometimes playing a small role with advice, sometimes a larger one and guiding every single step.

Seeing somebody change physically, mentally and emotionally is amazing!

There is no other job satisfaction like it.

You literally see people become a better, healthier and happier version of themselves.

In my opinion seeing someone who is so totally and completely happy with their body that they start to cry moves me deeply ever single time.

Seeing all these transformations you start to see patterns and key factors to success. You see what works and what doesn’t.

It basically comes down to a few key factors……. and thats what we have based the Fbbc coaching model on

  • Correct Consistent Training
  • Macro/Calorie Focused Nutrition
  • Regular Assessments
  • Having An Emotionally Charged Goal (Mindset)

BUT what tops it all and is the real secret to success comes down to two KEY things…………


We all have them, both good and bad. Habits are created by the way we consistently behave over time. Some are deep set and have been in our lives for years. Some that we may have acquired more recently but none the less its these two thing which will determine whether you succeed or fail, FACT.

Now you may have tried to break some habits before, maybe you have even been successful! If so thats fantastic 🙂

But for many of us we try, it works for a bit, but then ultimately we end up reverting back to our programming and its only so long before it starts knocking our confidence and making us believe that it will never work or we just can’t do it!

So, what I’m going to share with you now are all the top ways I’ve seen people successfully break old habits and create new and better habits/behaviours plus some of the latest research in breaking and reforming positive behaviours for SUCCESS! Sound good? Lets jump in……

Everyone is different but it takes roughly 21 days of consistently doing something to create a new habit. Every day without fail.

I like to call this “The 21 Day Mindset” you commit 100% to making this happen within fail without excuses. We can all do this. The Key is to start, then keep it simple. There maybe a long list of things that you want or need to change in order to get to your ultimate goal but you certainly can’t do everything all at once!

All you need to do is pick one thing that will make the biggest amount of change in 21 days, simple as that.

So lets keep it simple, habit change doesn’t have to be complicated. While some of the tips may seem overwhelming, there’s really only a few things you need to know. Everything else is just helping you along the way.
The simple steps of habit change are:
1. Write down your plan.
2. Identify your triggers and replacement habits.
3. Focus on doing the replacement habits every single time the triggers happen, for 21 days.

15 Tips To Help You Master Habits & Behaviours

1. One habit at a time. This is really important. Habit change is difficult, even with just one habit. If you do more than one habit at a time, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Keep it simple, allow yourself to focus, and give yourself the best chance for success. This is why New Year’s resolutions often fail we try to tackle more than one change at a time.
2. Start small. The smaller the better, because habit change is difficult, and trying to take on too much is a recipe for disaster.

3. Write it down. Just saying you’re going to change the habit is not enough of a commitment. You need to actually write it down, on paper. Write done what habit you’re going to change somewhere you will see it often.
4. Make a plan. While you’re writing, also write down a plan. This will ensure you’re really prepared. The plan should include your reasons (motivations) for changing the habit, obstacles, triggers, support buddies, and other ways you’re going to make this a success.
5. Know your motivations, and be sure they’re strong. Write them down in your plan. You have to be very clear as to why you’re doing this, and the benefits of doing it need to be clear in your head. If you’re just doing it to look good, while that can be a good motivator, it’s not usually enough. We need something stronger, something personal and highly emotional. Why do you want to look good? How will that change your life? How will it feel? Always search for the deeper meaning.

6. Write down all your obstacles. If you’ve tried this habit change before and failed. Reflect on those failures, and figure out what stopped you from succeeding. Write down every obstacle that’s got in your way, and any others that are likely to. Write down how you plan to overcome them. That’s the key: write down your solution before the obstacles arrive, so you’re prepared.

7. Identify your triggers. What situations trigger your current habit? Most habits have multiple triggers. Identify all of them and write them in your plan.
8. For every single trigger, identify a positive habit you’re going to do instead. Or a way you can distract yourself for a while 15 mins or so is all you need.

9. Ask for help. Get your family, friends and co-workers to support you. By the way FBBC is great for this! Use the family and make that comitment 🙂

10. Become aware of self-talk. We talk to ourselves in our head, all the time, but often we’re not aware of these thoughts. Start listening. These thoughts can derail any habit change, any goal. Often they’re negative like “I can’t do this. This is too difficult.” “Why am I putting myself through this?” “I’m not strong enough”. “I don’t have enough discipline” etc etc.

It’s so important to know you’re doing this.
11. Stay positive. We all will have negative thoughts sometimes, the important thing is to realise when we’re having them, and push them out! Then replace them with a positive thought. “I can do this! If such and such can do it, so can I!” 🙂

12. Prepare for the sabotagers. There will always be people who are negative, who try to get you to do your old habit. Be ready for them. Confront them, and be direct, you don’t need them to try to sabotage you, you need their support, and if they can’t support you then you don’t want to be around them.
13. Avoid situations where the old habit occurs, at least for awhile, this will make it so much easier. If you normally drink when you go out with friends, consider not going out for a little while. This applies to any bad habit  whether it be eating junk food or even doing drugs! There are some situations you can avoid that are especially difficult for someone trying to change a bad habit. Realise, though, that when you go back to those situations, the old urges will still be there, but when that happens you will be the stronger more in control version of you.

14. Imagine for a moment going through your whole life without changing this bad habit, how horrible would that be? Us humans are motivated by two main drivers moving towards something good (new habit) and moving away from pain (bad habit) use both to your advantage!

15. Use every little win to motivate you to drive you onto the next big change, becoming your vision of the perfect you may take time but if every 21 days we master something new imagine the difference after one year, after two years, after 5 years! There really are no limits to this, you are in control and will a simple system to follow who is there to stand in your way!

Now if you are a Fit Body Bootcamp member all of these things are ready for you to take action on! Let me know what you want to change in the next 21 days and I and all the trainers are here to help, support and cheer you on!

If you aren’t yet a Fit Body Bootcamp member then why the hell not?! LOL

We’d love to help you, why not give our 21 Day Programme a try? I’ve heard the new you is only 21 days away 😉

Have an amazing day..

Neil Fbbc

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