We hear all the time quotes like “no pain, no gain” or “nothing good ever comes easy” and yes it may be true to a certain extent.
But often, too often in my opinion we try to go to extremes to achieve a goal.
We want that “Dream Body” to look good on the beach in the summer or just feel more confident and improve our health.
The thought of the goal gets us excited as we imagine how good it will feel to finally get there.
Sometimes after a long struggle and many false starts we start to see some progress, the hard work, the sacrifice starts to pay off.
So we push on, maybe even going harder, training more, dieting more.
Willpower drives us as we pursue that goal.
Then something happens, life has away of doing that to us doesn’t it?
Maybe a bad day leads to a “Sod it moment” and we fall off the diet wagon, we miss some training which leads to some weight gain and then we start to feel guilty.
We say things like “i’ll start again on Monday” or “Here we go again, I’ve failed”
This cycle repeats itself, time and time again…..
Our confidence drops and we lose respect for ourselves and start to think that goal, that dream body will never be a reality.
Well at Fit Body Bootcamp we say NO! HELL NO! The reason this approach doesn’t work is in its method! Its completely wrong!
YES to achieve you goals you need to optimise your training
YES you need to change your nutrition
YES you need to track your progress
BUT and this is a big BUT!
You need to enjoy the PROCESS and not focus entirely on the outcome. Think about it, if you buy a book you don’t just skip to the end to see how the story finishes.
No, you enjoy every page, the ups and downs, you get invested in the characters. You revel in the triumph over adversity.
You enjoy the JOURNEY as much as the ending.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you don’t enjoy the training if you deprive yourself too much and hate the foods you eat its only a matter of WHEN your willpower runs out and you ultimately fail.
Now imagine this…..
Everyday you wake up and look forward to training because its completely different to yesterday.
You spend 40 minutes with really cool people who support you, encourage you, trainers/coaches who invest and believe in you.
You’re working out with the most effective exercise that will take you to your goal quickly whilst having fun.
You look forward to each and every meal because you’ve found a way of eating that you enjoy.
You’re daily food intake is full of healthy nutritious meals and snacks you love.
Each week you have a cheat meal and let your hair down!
You have a healthy relationship with food and control over what and when you eat.
Every month you drop fat and gain muscle, which in turn increases your metabolism.
You start to see positive changes in your health and fitness.
You develop more confidence and seem to always have a spring in your step.
You’re HAPPY.

Then one day you look in the mirror and that dream body has become a reality without you really focusing on it!
Why? Well, because you’ve focused on enjoying the journey, training has been challenging but fun, you’ve done this with friends who have been with you on this journey.
And that is what Fit Body Bootcamp is all about, doing it right, but having fun and enjoying every moment.
Not punishing yourself with hours upon hours of boring cardio, not torturing yourself with bland foods each and everyday.
Nobody can live like that. Well not for long anyhow!
So why not try it our way
The Fit Body Bootcamp way….. enjoy life, and enjoy reaching your goals 🙂
If you would like to come and join the family reach out to us, send us a Facebook message, drop us an email. We are more than happy to help!

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