Fat Loss, Increased Energy, Clearer Skin, Better Digestion, Improved Metabolism, Reduce Appetite,

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A few months ago I carried out a bit of market research to find out how much veg, fruit and salad people consume per day. I was shocked to find out most people struggle to get even the recommended MINIMUM 5 portions a day, with many not even reaching that target.
The 2 week Ve-Tox plan is designed to give your digestive system a break and show you how you can easily fit more Veg into your daily nutrition with a bit of forethought and planning. The added benefit (other than feeling amazing) is you will probably drop a significant amount of body fat, reduce your appetite and reignite your metabolism!
The programme will run as a high accountability group with a private facebook page and daily videos and of course the Ve-Tox 14 day guide.
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Just a few testimonials from my first round of the Ve-Tox plan…
“I’ve lost 5lbs. I’m Feeling fresher and energetic.”
I feel more alert, energetic and digestive system has improved. I have lost weigh – 3.2kg and 19cm!
“I have higher energy levels, not bloated at all after food, skin glowing, sleeping well and I’ve lost 6lbs. I have learned that I really don’t need to snack on junk treats, sticking to the plan has really opened my eyes to what my body requires and inspired me to think this type of eating plan really is all our bodies need to feel great!!! I want to say thank you, this has been the only plan I’ve stuck to religiously for 2 weeks and I can really see myself taking this forward into my new future, thanks Helen I’m so pleased I did it.”
“I have lost 5lbs and 1 dress size! I have clear skin, I’m full of energy and I’m proud of myself!”
“I have lost 11lbs! I’ve had no food cravings and I’ve learnt how to cook fresh food.”
“I have never felt so good and in control of my food – no cravings, no binges! I’ve Never had so many people complimenting me on how well I look. I have learnt to say no to food.
The first two days had severe attacks of migraine but after that I’ve not had a migraine in last 12 days without a tablet. Just to let you know I am a chronic migraine patient and used to have one anti-migraine tablet everyday for the last two years!
I have lost 5 pounds since I started and my digestion is improving so is my confidence in myself!
I can’t thank you enough Helen! It’s been a life- changing fortnight!”
“Today is my 14th day and I am so fresh and happy to continue this for another 2 weeks.. My scales have moved rapidly by 7lbs..
Being a vegetarian already it was just about cutting processed carbs n dairy. Which wasn’t possible without huge support and advice of this group.”
“Thanks for putting the ve-tox plan together. I will be sticking to a vegan diet going forward, I feel great, have lost 7 pounds (7.5 inches) and loved the meals. It was so easy to eat healthy whole foods made from scratch and knowing that no animals were killed to supply my meals. I look forward to the next two weeks.”

 The Ve-Tox Program is £29.99!

The program will be starting on Monday 1st Feb and will run for two weeks. To get signed up just click the link below to take you to the sign up page… (Please note the email address linked to your pay pal account will be the one we send Ve-Tox emails to unless stated otherwise) 


If you have any questions about the programme then please send me an email to and I will reply as soon as I can.
V-Girl (Helen Colby)