1. Eat protein based foods often to offset hunger and keep muscle tone instead of having 2-3 large meals instead try to have 3 small meals and 2 snacks spread evenly throughout the day.

Consume any carbohydrates based foods early in the day or after exercise but avoid them when your sedentary.

2. Only do exercise that is relevant to your goal, for example lots of cardio won’t change your shape and add muscle tone. Cardio does burn a lot of energy hence why it’s so many peoples “go to” option for weight loss but it isn’t neccesarily going to burn only fat, sometimes (if calories & protein are low) it burns more muscle than fat which is very bad news for your metabolic rate. But doing compound resistance based cardio instead will not only burn fat, tone muscle it will speed up your metabolism which is very good news.

3. Be consistent, making changes that can be maintained long term and having a routine which is fun, varied and goal specific can be the difference between having your dream body or not. If your goal is fat loss, toning & fitness then you need to incorporate, resistance, cardio & core training. Not just a Zumba class or jogging.

It really can be that simple, sticking to these key elements will ensure you make massive strides towards your goals.

Fit Body Bootcamp clients in our coaching programme realise there dream bodies once these and a few other key principles are applied and slotted into there lifestyles. It’s just about having the right information and guidance. In today’s world its easy to see why so many people don’t achieve results with all the mixed and contradictory messages in magazines and on TV.

Our philosophy is to focus on the simple things that have the biggest effect moving us towards our goals. Imagine it like having a post code a street address for your sat nav. You will get there quickly also having taken the most direct route. Instead of just having a rough idea of where your going and basically guessing. Below I’ve included an easy to follow sample meal plan and some links to effective home workouts which if your goal is fat loss will make sure your doing the right key things.

Here is a sample easily to follow meal plan for you..


Breakfast Options:

• ¼- a cup of Oats with 1 protein scoop & flaxseed (Any flavour) mix with boiling water

• Muesli (Low fat) with small pot total 0% yogurt and 1 scoop whey (Vanilla works best)

• 2-3 Scrambled egg whites/ Whole meal bread 1 slice

Mid Morning options:

• Protein shake

• Fruit/5 Almonds

• 1-2 Oat cakes

Lunch Options:

• Tuna/Chicken Breast/Quorn with Salsa and salad, wholemeal pita

• Cottage cheese Ryvita 1 piece

• Cold meat salad pot

Afternoon Options:

• Protein Bar
• 5 almonds

Evening meal options:

• Salmon with asparagus

• Lean steak salad apple cider vinegar dressing

• Chicken/Quorn Stir Fry (season with cayenne pepper, no sauce or noodles)

• Tuna/Qourn/Tofu salad
Evening snack options:

• Protein mixed with 0%yogurt

• Home made soup

Key Points:

• Drink water (2litres per day)

• Take a multi vitamin/Iron/Calcium tablet

• Eat small but often (3 hour intervals)

• Complex carbohydrates only when active (Not late evening when sedentary)

• Do not over consume fruit (sugars) max 2 per day


Here are your workouts 🙂

FBBC Quick Home “Fat Burning Workout” (Video)

FBBC Quick Home “Tone Your Upper Body Workout” (Video)

FBBC Quick Home “Lower Body Workout” (Video)

FBBC Quick Home “Flat Stomach Workout” (Video)

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