1. Reduce your portion sizes and eat small and often, this will increase your metabolism and keep your fat burning furnace going for longer! It will also reduce hunger making it easier to stay on track and make GOOD food choices.

2.Eat the bulk of your carbohydrate foods early on in your day, this way your body has longer to burn of these calories that CAN be easily stored as body fat.

3.Set smaller fat loss/weight loss goals. This will keep your motivation high as knowing you are only a week or two away from achieving a goal keeps you from feeling overwhelmed by the ultimate goals you may have set.

4.Don’t cut out foods you enjoy this will undoubtedly lead to a binge down the road. Instead allow yourself one cheat meal per week, this will also rejuvenate your fat burning hormones and boost metabolic rate.

5.Try cardio that is FUN! go on walks with your partner, rollerblade round a local park etc, make it fun so it doesn’t feel like exercise!

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