Michele has lost around 20lbs of body fat, made massive improvements in fitness too!

Michele is AMAZING! Read about her journey and tips below!

At FitBody we are experts at body transformations and have been helping people become the best versions of themselves for the last 8 years focusing on correct training, nutritional coaching & accountabilty stats each month! All whilst having fun and making new friends! The “InFocus” series lets our FitBody Family members share there experience in their own words….

How long have you been at Fit Body Milton Keynes?
Okay time at BC 2 1/2 yrs

What are your long term goals?

Long term goal a six pack lol because Im sixty. Realistically a lean toned midriff and goal body fat %

What are your short term goals?

Short term need to refocus after majorily over indulging on holiday!

What have been your biggest wins at Fit Body Milton Keynes?

The friends I’ve made and how we continue to support each other

What are some of your current obsticles and how are you over coming them?

refocus and being consistent with nutrition. To do this need to get back on to 4/5 training sessions a week this really helps with focus, remembering goals and not wanting to waste hardwork

What does your daily nutrition look like?

Breakfast mix between overnight oats, protein granola and banana

Lunch salad with houmous and falafel


when focussed will make big pot of veggie chilli or curry to see me through week with quinoa or wholegrain rice

Can you share a workout tip?

….turn up have fun and give it your best shot!

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