“I joined MKFBBC in February 2015. I had already lost 20kg (44lbs) since June 2012 through going to the gym and eating a better but the weight loss had stopped and I’d lost motivation to workout and hadn’t been to the gym for over two months.


I signed up for the 21 day trial at MKFBBC to try to re-motivate me and I committed to making the most of it by getting up and going to the 6 am sessions before work when I knew I had something on after work which would prevent me from being able to attend in the evening. This was a big step for me as I was never a morning person and would struggle to even get up for work on time but I managed to do it and now I go to the 6 am sessions every day which means I can’t use being busy as an excuse to miss a day.

Since joining MKFBBC I have lost 19.2lbs of fat and my body fat percentage has gone down 10.9%. I am now at my lowest weight and fall within the normal ranges for weight, muscle and body fat.


More important than the fat loss is what I have gained since being a member of MKFBBC. My fitness levels and abilities have improved significantly, I even ran a half marathon this year and have been given the nickname “Burpee Queen” due to my love of this exercise. I have so much more self-confidence and I finally feel happy in myself.


The members of MKFBBC are also so friendly and they are a major part of what makes it so great.

The other part is the amazing trainers who are just so supportive, enthusiastic and encouraging. They have a way of making you keep going when you don’t think you can do anymore.

They always push me to take the harder option and believe that I can achieve things I would have never thought possible which makes me believe in myself. I honestly can’t thank them enough for everything they have done for me.”

The Henry Allen 6 Week Fat Loss Challenge Starts Mon 18th Sept

Why not come and join us?

Raise money for an amazing cause and get fit and toned in the process! ps, we promise not to make you stand on your head 😉


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