How Sam Lost Over 40lbs!
Sam: Wow, I cannot believe I have been asked to write about my fat loss success (yes, fat loss not weight loss).

I’ve seen so many of these types of things in slimming world meetings, weight watchers meetings, including my sister who swore by the Atkins diet and I always wanted the same results. Unfortunately, I always failed miserably, I got some results but then the weight would always go back on even when teamed with going to the gym regularly.

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Although, the gym was often me casually strolling along on the cross trainer watching cake videos on the internet.
I have never been happy with my weight and as the fat piled on my self-confidence just slipped away.

A friend even told me that she missed the bubbly person I used to be. I got to my biggest when my little boy was around 1 years old, this is when I joined the gym and started doing the above but I thought it was OK as it was better than sitting at home.

I then spotted an offer from MK Fit Body Bootcamp for a 21 day trial and thought I didn’t have much to lose. I am so,so,so glad I did!

I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere and after trying a few session times to see what would fit in with my lifestyle I became part of the 6am crew.

I used to laugh at people who said they worked out before work as I love my sleep but it gives me the energy to take on the day.

I quickly started attending 5 sessions a week and became a full member. The best decision of my life, although it took me a while to realise this.

I believed I could out train a bad diet and used the fact that I went to bootcamp 5 times a week as an excuse to eat what I wanted on weekends.

At first, I started getting results losing around 3lb of body fat a month but my weight was staying the same because of an increase in muscle which I didn’t like as I needed to see the scales going down.

Then 4 months in, I put weight and body fat on plus people were asking me if I still went to bootcamp.

I thought people should be noticing I am not be asking, what was the point in waking up everyday at 5:15am?
So, Neil and Helen were holding a seminar in the September and it was here that I thought I’d give the nutrition side of things a go.

After a month of changing my diet by increasing my protein and eating cleaner I lost 10lbs. Yeay, my first whiteboard win!


This spurred me to carry on and gradually each month I was receiving more good news: more lbs of body fat was gone, then I got under 40% body fat, then I lost 10% body fat, steadily it was working.

In September, I also began to take a photo of myself on each stats check day and measure different parts of body every few months, what a difference I was seeing.
I’m not the lightest I have ever been but I’m fitter and I’m in smaller clothes because I have lost body fat and increased my muscle. I don’t focus on weight loss anymore just the loss of body fat.

I’m starting to build my self confidence and I’m celebrating when people notice my hard work.


I owe my success to MK Fit Body Bootcamp, they have become my second family and I cannot thank them all enough.

Helen and Neil have provided me with advice through coaching videos, seminars and at the end of the phone and helped me change the way I eat but best of all I can have a cheat meal each week too including cake!

The trainers are just incredible and an asset to the company, they push me to my limit and beyond because, as they remind us, if we want results then we’ve got to put in the work. Then there are my fellow bootcampers, it would not be the same without them.

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They are my support, my fitspiration and my friends who keep me going and encourage me to carry on. We celebrate each others’ successes and pick each other up when we are down, something I never got from the gym. Bootcamp has become a huge part of my life, and I’m so glad I walked through the door. Thank you guys xxx

Fbbc: I think you’ll agree Sam is a superstar and we are all so proud of her 🙂

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