If you are super motivated to achieve that new body there is nothing worse than hitting a plateau and having all the weight pile back on and more!

Soul destroying! The very sad truth is that 9/10 people will probably fall into this category at some point.

Without getting too “sciencey” (if that’s even a word!)

There are 3 types of weight you can lose. Water, muscle, fat.

What happens is that when you create a calorific deficit through a diet your body, first of all, loses water weight.

Then if you aren’t doing the correct style of training and eating the right macronutrient balance you lose muscle tissue and minimal fat.

The numbers on the scales drop quickly but you aren’t losing much fat if any.

When muscle is lost so is your metabolism and this is why progress stops and the weight comes back!

Here at Fit Body Bootcamp, we design the workouts & nutritional plans via our coaching website to be different each day but also to be optimal for fat loss and keeping metabolism high!

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Have a great day! Speak soon.


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