Everyday in life people experience set backs be it professional, personal, whatever, s**t happens! That’s life and often its out of our control.

What is however in our control is ATTITUDE and the way we choose to deal with these set backs.

Over the past few years I have had the privilege of having some great people around me who have mentored and taught me to always see the silver lining or to make the best out of a bad situation, be it a failure in business or whatever there are always lessons to be learnt or new opportunities that present themselves.

I used to always be fearful of failure and worry what my friends/family would say or think about me, nowadays I see failure as just a way that it didn’t work and use the failure as a lesson to try again.

My motto is “If you never stop trying then you never fail” those of you that know me well will know I have this tattooed on my left arm in latin!

See set backs as a challenge, don’t hang you head and be defeatist about it saying “why me” instead think right, I’ll show you! I’ll never make that mistake again etc Also what new opportunities might come your way? How can I turn this to my advantage?

Now I’m not an expert in NLP or MINDSET far from it but this has really helped me and played a big part in changing my life for the better so I thought it would be cool to share this with the awesome people on my blog!

When I feel down or like giving up I watch this video of truly amazing people who achieve things that are extraordinary where the easy thing would have been to give up and feel sorry for themselves, instead they were POSITIVE and proved to the world that anything is possible!

I hope you find time to enjoy this short clip…

Neil Major

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